This Christmas, we focus on Jesus!

We seem to often hear about Jesus only during two seasons of the church calendar – Advent and Lent. For the rest of the year, we hear more of themes such as justification by faith and redemption which is essentially Pauline in nature. When was the last time you heard the parables of Jesus being preached, or an exposition on the Kingdom of heaven that Jesus came to bring?

Both Jesus and Paul’s methods of engaging their audience were also very different. The Gospels show Jesus using much storytelling or parables, while Paul often communicated his points through arguments and matter-of-fact statements when he talks about God. Why the different methods? And whose is more effective?

This Christmas, let us revisit the person of Jesus and consider His parables. Alexa Ho speaks to Rev. Dr Lim Kar Yong on his books, Jesus the Storyteller: Hearing the Parables Afresh Today (2013), and his newly published book Metaphors and Social Identity Formation in Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians’ (2017). Find out why the different engagement methods of Jesus and Paul, and what does it mean for us today.


Rev. Dr. Lim Kar Yong

New Testament and Pauline scholar and author Rev. Dr. Lim Kar Yong received his theological degree (M.A. in New Testament) from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary before pursuing his PhD in the United Kingdom at the University of Wales. He is currently lecturer of New Testament Studies and Director of Postgraduate Studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. He is also Director of the Centre of Biblical Engagement at STM and blogs at http://www.karyonglim.com. His writings include ‘The Sufferings of Christ Are Abundant in Us’: A Narrative Dynamics Investigation of Paul’s Sufferings in 2 Corinthians (2009), Jesus the Storyteller: Hearing the Parables Afresh Today (2015) and Metaphors and Social Identity Formation in Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians (2017).