The Kingdom of God belongs to those such as children?

How curious that Jesus likens the people of the Kingdom of God as those who are like children in Mark 10. In the Gospels, Jesus is presented as someone who valued and elevated the status of children as examples to follow. There must be a certain quality in children that Jesus draws attention to, for people to follow and mimic. It is as if to say that our approach to children is not a fully future-oriented in the sense that we desire them to grow up, but there is something their present that is to be enjoyed and taken in.

In this episode, Debbie draws from the innocent wisdom of children and their mentors on the Kingdom and life with two child performers from the 95th Watoto Children’s Choir – Matthew Kamukama (11) and Faima Brenda Nalalembe (9), who were in Malaysia end of 2018 to perform from their album Oh What Love. We also had along their adult mentors and leaders Edwin Naijuka and Livingstone Muwezera.


L-R: Edwin Naijuka, Matthew Kamukama, Faima Brenda Nalalembe and Livingstone Muwezera.

Edwin Naijuka was the 95th Watoto Children’s Choir lead coordinator, with a passion in redemptive work for the children of Watoto. Livingstone Muwezera grew up in the Watoto Children’s Choir and now invests his own life in these children. Matthew and Faima are part of the choir, and they love to dance and sing.