What are healthy ways to journey with people struggling with sexual identity?

Being sexually attracted to someone of the same sex can be a harrowing experience. When sexual identity has the power to define who we are, finding oneself to be different to others can have stressful impacts.

Yet the Christian response to same-sex attraction can often be simplistic and hurtful, being unaware of the gravity of the issues involved. At other times, persons facing these questions and struggles are conveniently ignored.

How does the church craft a right approach towards persons who face such situations unique to them? Debbie speaks to Dr Hera Lukman to discuss the areas surrounding same-sex attention – what it is, why it is a big deal, whether a change in orientation is possible, lessons from the now defunct Exodus International and finally, and a right Christian approach in building helpful relationships with these persons.


Dr. Hera Lukman

Dr Hera Lukman is a registered Chartered Health Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. Hera has taught Psychology at several Universities in the UK and Malaysia for the past 20 years. She is currently with the Methodist College Kuala Lumpur working with a team of educators to improve mental health awareness among students, their significant others and the staff of MCKL.

Her goal is to facilitate the formation of informed communities of peers, family members and faculty who can provide effective support to individuals struggling with mental ill-health.

As a Christian psychologist, Hera is passionate in integrating psychology with Biblical principles in understanding personhood and one’s identity in Christ.


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